alzheimers and dementia

The disease and the condition that mark the insidious and unrelenting destruction of the cognizant and capable human being, returning them to an almost newborn state, helpless and dependent on others for their every need. a difficult task when the person is a baby, a monumental undertaking, when the person is an adult.  The target, for those of you that have taken on this daunting task, is to help give these people the best Quality of Life that you possibly can, by attending to their ADLs.  It is here that I will assume that the most difficult ADL for you to handle is toileting, especially if the person has incontinence.  SUI- Severe Urinary Incontinence, is the most disruptive event that occurs during your care giving. The constant wetness, the immediate attention that is required because urine will scald and burn skin quickly and it is this exposure to urine that will cause a myriad of other health concerns [insert Hanosek's list here] and it is these ''other problems'' that you strive to avoid.  We at 3D Urologic can remove this unnecessary, time consuming, mind draining and patient safety/health threatening problem from your day by eliminating SUI.  Please help us to help you and most of all your patients by improving both your QOLs. Spread the word, it only takes one individual, one company or one group to help us get our device/system, to the people that need It. Thank you.