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Ladies and Gentlemen, Division Heads, Directors, Program managers, Urinary Incontinence, particularly  SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence is the second largest reason why people are forced into nursing homes.  if you take into consideration that those who are afflicted with Alzheimer's and or Dementia lose the ability to control their urine, it becomes easy to postulate that SUI is the number 1 reason why people enter nursing homes.  In addition, these entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid, the VA, etc) spend $314,000,000,000.00+ yearly to house these SUI sufferers in nursing facilities or Rehab centers.  Furthermore, there are approximately 14,500,000 Americans suffering from SUI, who could and could take advantage of 3D Urologic device/system, if it were available today.  Also, with the ever growing affliction of Americans with Alzheimer's, Dementia, TBI - Traumatic Brain Injuries, SCI - Spinal Cord Injuries, Prostate Cancer, MS, Parkinson's, DCBI - Dismounted Complex Blast Injuries and with the inevitable ''GRAYING of AMERICA'',  it is a certainty that the 14,500,000 number of SUI sufferers will swell into a Tsunami that will swamp our over burdened medical system. Time is of the essence, we can't in good conscious, allow this Tsunami to swamp our medical system. Please guide and assist us so that we  can get our device/system to the millions of people that suffer miserably and needlessly every day because of their untreated SUI.