Many patients face daily problems with urinary retention and incontinence.  We will describe a new device to assist those patients with severe urinary dysfunction non responsive to all other current therapies.  


We will describe our approach in the creation of a novel lower urinary tract augmentation implant with a new mechanical valve system replacing the urethral outlet and functioning as an artificial urinary sphincter.  This device will be surgically implanted preserving the bladder and ureters functioning as a normal collecting system and operable by patient and/or caregiver without touching genitalia.  A biological compatible silicone rubber bio-material will be used to create a collection base and drainage tube to function as the lower portion of the urinary tract eliminating the need for chronic indwelling cathetarization with its inherent risk of chronic infection.



Competitive & Peer Reviewed Poster Presentation.  Click here to view in larger print.

Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) August 2016 (Orlando, FL)


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