medical device corporations

It is well known fact that existing modalities are failing miserably in their attempts to eliminate, or even control severe urinary incontinence. There is currently no device that is capable of restoring a patients continence (100% dryness). In addition, no current modality has the ability to eliminate the following unnecessary and debilitating symptoms of severe urinary incontinence .[INSERT HANOUSEK LIST]. Also, 3D Urologic device/system can be customized to be an exact fit during the SINGLE implantation surgery. The 3D device is far less expensive to manufacture, implant and purchase than the ''Cuff'', the  ''FES'' and the extended usage of pads and catheters. combine this fact with the afore-mentioned and add the fact that the 3D device/system serves a dual purpose of keeping people out of nursing homes as well as being capable of bringing people home from nursing homes.  it is this combination of facts that make the 3D device/system a cost effective appealing solution that payers like Medicare, Medicaid, DoD, VA and Private Insurers will be more conducive to pay for.  our device/system is applicable without modification, to both genders. Our device is also applicable to all types of incontinence (Stress, Urge, Mixed, etc).  eventhough 3D Urologic does not advocate the use our device/system, for the treatment of light to moderate incontinence, the Doctor and the patient, can at anytime along the incontinence timeline, implant the 3D device/system and return the patients continence immediately.  This would help avoid dangerous mind altering drugs, the often unsuccessful exercise routines and once again reducing costs and further enhancing its value to the Payers. The device/system is also applicable to all age groups [teenage to golden age]. 

The device/system will also eliminate urinary incontinence for all patients, regardless of whether the causation is physiological or neurological. The implantation is a mature procedure similar to the Radical Prostatectomy and the device/system is constructed from bio-compatible materials that have been approved for use in humans. In addition, the 3D device/system can be cleaned/ maintained and repaired without the need for additional surgical procedures.  There are presently, approximately 14,500,000 incontinence sufferers that could and would take advantage of our device/system, if It were available today and with the ''GRAYING of AMERICA'' as well as the ever growing number of those afflicted with Alzheimer's, Dementia, MS, Parkinson's, the ravages of war, Prostrate Cancer, TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury and SCI- Spinal Cord Injury, etc.  this 14.5 million + group of severe incontinence sufferers will relentlessly grow and become an untenable ''Tsunami'' that will ultimately swamp our over burdened medical system, adversely affecting all of us, unless positive/pro-active action is taken quickly. Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not a ''ME 2''device. the 3D device/system is a ''HOME RUN''. a disruptive paradigm shifting platform that immediately gives your sales staff, physicians, surgeons, hospitals and clinics access to patients/clients/purchasers that you could never have approached, prior to the 3D device/system. Just how big is the pot of gold? To close, there may be one more way that 3D Urologic could be a benefit to your companies.  Suppose, you are battling the mesh litigation, 3D Urologic can help mitigate your settlements, on a plaintiff to plaintiff basis. I will assume that even after the mesh removal and tissue - structure repair that the plaintiffs are still  miserably and hopelessly incontinent and this must be one of the driving forces behind the sizable settlement amounts. Well, simply remove this driving force by ''piggybacking'' our surgery with your mesh removal/repair surgery and immediately, permanently restore her/his continence, putting the plaintiff, in a much better state of health than what they had before they used your mesh! Consider this point.  in all probability, the amounts saved on a few of your newly mitigated cases, would pay for our preclinical and clinical Trials and still put millions back in your corporate coffers. So, why not collaborate with us? We are just one strategic partner away from changing the medical world as we know it.