military, veterans affairs and the DOD

There are nearly 75,000,000 Veterans and their family members existing today. [where from?] and with the continued efforts to make and keep America safe, this number increases daily. Furthermore, with ''The Graying of America'', these Americans and our Veterans also face the unrelenting ravages of aging, in addition to any service related injuries that they suffer. (examples - Agent Orange Poisoning, Prostrate Cancer, Leukemia, PTSD, TBI, SCI, DCBI, depleted Uranium exposure, blast traumas, battlefield pathogens, MS, Parkinson's, abdominal bullet/shrapnel wounds, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Other Cancers, etc)  Also, any and all of the items on this list can result in severe urinary incontinence and these other health damaging maladies. [INSERT HANOUSEK'S LIST HERE]. 

In addition, the fastest growing segment of the military population currently being afflicted with urinary incontinence are our female soldiers.[where from?] Since Tristar presently does not possess an adequate modality to treat our incontinent warriors, like others before them, they face a catheter and isolation. please don't tell me that a catheter is an adequate treatment modality, because as a 47 year sufferer of severe urinary incontinence, I can tell you that IT is an antiquated, barbaric, demeaning, soul draining leftover from our Egyptian precursors [WHO STATED?] and if the Foley catheter didn't have a practical use in the ER/OR it should be relegated to The Smithsonian. Our brave warriors and  their families sacrificed much and gave their all in their defense of this great Country. why must they continue to sacrifice and suffer, especially, when 3D Urologic holds the answer to eliminating their needless and continued suffering from their SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence.  [ INSERT SENTENCE FROM ONCOLOGIST SECTION HERE] To close the DoD, procures and jointly develops devices/weapons to eliminate threats to the security and to to the freedom of this great Country on a daily basis, yet after repeated attempts to secure a collaborative agreement, to jointly develop our device/system/weapon, to be used to eliminate the financial threat to the America's Medical system as well as restore the freedom of life to our valiant and cherished Warriors yet we are constantly rebuked. WHY? What is wrong with untold  millions of dollars returned to the DoD and health, dignity returned to untold numbers of our gallant Veterans and their families.