mS, parkinson's disease, etc.

 2 other incurable diseases that slowly, insidiously and relentlessly destroy the physical capabilities of far to many people and it is the loss of these capabilities that eventually leave them totally dependent on others. MS and Parkinsons, unlike other diseases, leave the afflicted person painfully cognizant as their bodies become useless shells.  it is this awareness of their own demise that makes caring for them even more emotionally draining and this makes tending to these patients extremely difficult. To those who have taken on this Herculean task of caring for these patients, I will assume that SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence, is the most disruptive event during your care time.  The constant wetness, the immediate attention required and the health threatening side effects will be eliminated by 3D Urologic's device system as it restores your patients continence and improving their QOL as well as yours. To close, it will only take one person, one company or one group to support and collaborate with us to bring our device/system to those who need it. Please spread the word.  Thank you.