neuro- physical involvements - tbi - Traumatic Brain injury, sci - spinal cord injury, dcbi - dismounted complex blast injury

SUI (Severe Urinary Incontinence), resulting from a TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) or SCI (spinal cord injury) occurs because the neuro-impulses from the brain can not reach the proper receptors in the bladder.  this causes either urine retention in the bladder or the uncontrolled ''free'' release of urine from the bladder. SUI is the most disruptive and unmanageable event that interrupts all scheduled events, especially the physical /mental therapies needed to rehabilitate the afflicted patient. 3D Urologic implantable device/system has been designed to eliminate SUI in these patient demographic because our device/system doesn't require neurological impulses or physiological participation to restore the patient continence. Also, our device functions for both genders and is applicable to all ages [teenage to golden age].

3D Urologic device/system applies to our Warriors suffering from DCBI (dismounted complex blast injury).  DCBI occurs when a Warrior dismounts from his/her vehicle, steps on a mine or is involved in an IED - (Improvised Explosive Device) blast, resulting in genito-urinary damage.  The 3D urologic device/system has also been designed to help our wounded Warriors in two ways.  First, in the worst case scenario, the enclosed additional bio-compatible material together with our valve device, can be used as a complete urinary system URETER TO URETHRA  that restores the Warriors continence by Regenerating the entire urinary system.  Second, the 3D Urologic device/system will be used to restore the continence in both genders of our Warriors, thus Rehabilitating the Warrior as well.