nurses and aides, care givers and Family members

Of all of the different groups listed on this web site, yours is the group that is most aware of the disruptive nature of SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence. Your group is also responsible for acting quickly, to the urine soaked patient or to your family member.  once wet, they become susceptible to numerous health problems [insert Hanousek's list here] and any of these could become a serious health problem.  in short order, SUI is relentless, dark and insidious by nature.  it silently, slowly and steadily continues to undermine your patient or family members overall health and well being.  It places an unimaginable amount of stress on you to remove your charge from harm's way, regardless of what you may be doing or have scheduled [reports, vitals, dispensing medicines cleaning, preparing meals etc].  these forced alterations to your scheduled routines create time losses and these losses deprive your other patients/charges, of your care. THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS MUST BE CHANGED AND A MORE DEFINED ORDER RESTORED and this is exactly what our device/system will accomplish. Once our device/system is implanted 100% dryness is immediately restored and urine release can't occur. until 3 counter clockwise turns of the operating device releases urine and then 3 clockwise turns off the urine stream and the patient or family member is restored to uninterrupted dryness. The bottom line, pardon the pun, is that you now have the control and the ability to schedule, manage and restore order to ''your house'' and improve your patients overall well-being by delegating your time to their care as YOU DEEM NECESSARY.  I couldn't reach all of your peers, so please spread the word that we are out there because it only takes one individual, one group or one company to help us do what we have to do, so that we can get our device to you and all of the SUI sufferers.