nursing homes, assisted living providers, rehab centers etc.

To those of you that have taken on the daunting task of housing the elderly, the infirm and the disabled, we realize that SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence is probably the most disruptive and challenging problem that you face in your day to day operations. The constant wetness and the other secondary effects caused by exposure to urine [insert Hanousek's list here] are expensive to take care of, time consuming to treat, for your RN's, LPNs and aides and very often alter other important scheduled events. SUI, is also a constant and time consuming battle for your house keeping personnel, let alone being an extreme mental drain, on all of your hands on care staff. in our overly litigious society, the results of SUIs are very often the reasons for lawsuits. Lastly, and most importantly, with the unrelenting draw on your people because urine will burn and scald tissue quickly.  your staff must react quickly, causing your staff to often become time challenged and some of your other patients/clientele may not receive the proper care they deserve; once again inviting litigation. To close, your expenses to treat SUI, the increased strain on your people, the manpower turnover and your potential legal costs are all UNNECESSARY and can be avoided. 

The 3D Urologic device/system has been designed to completely eliminate SUI in all patients and it is this simple fact that will help your company run more efficiently and be more prosperous.  In closing, we are getting closer but we could use your help.  Spread the word, help us locate that one person, company or group to support and collaborate with us and help bring our device/system to those who need it and eliminate SUI.