Your choice of medical profession also deals with the silent and the insidious, but often your disease of choice will dictate your treatment limitations. We at 3D Urologic can't give you the cure for Cancer but we can give you a potentially life saving weapon that you have never had in your treatment arsenal before.  Imagine performing surgery on a Urethral Cancer patient where, you won' t ever have to leave even the smallest piece of the natural urethra in the patient, greatly reducing or removing the possibility, of reinfection. Imagine being wrists deep in your patient, removing the cancerous sections of his/her bladder, when you notice another section of your patients bladder that should to be removed but because removing this additional piece of bladder could jeopardize the overall success of your surgery and could potentially endanger your patient, you may be forced to leave that questionable section of bladder, in your patient and hope for the best. Well, that was yesterday not now. 

Each of 3D Urologic device/system's packages will contain additional bio-compatible material  you can trim and customize our device/system, exactly to the dimensions needed for your patient and provide for these unaccountable variables that often arise during these surgeries.  with this new capability, the viability of your patient increases and the potential for a life threatening reinfection is greatly reduced.  In addition, each of 3D Urologic device/systems could, in the worst case scenario,  actualy become a complete urinary system URETERS to URETHRA (if needed). In addition, our packaging contains the equivalent of an adult sized Alloplast bladder ball with an artificial urethra connected to the bottom of the bladder ball. this urethra will extend through the genital orifice.  it also has 2 ureter connections, so it can be used in the worst case scenario, as an entirely artificial URINARY SYSTEM. [use this sentence in military VA section]  Finally, Prostate Cancer surgery, after you separate the cancerous Prostate gland from the bladder, leave the potentially contaminated natural urethra attached to the bottom of the Prostate gland and remove as one contaminated unit.  then, trim and customize urethral portion to meet the patients needs.   attach our device/system to the bladder, pass the artificial urethra through rear opening of device, and stabilize with our pubis bone hanger.  engage the device and immediately restore continence. Our device is not a cure for Cancer but it is a powerful tool, that can be used to help restore the health and the welfare, to the patient, their caregivers and their family members, of at least these above mentioned three conditions.