I know that there are individuals or groups of individuals that I didn't create a category for, so please excuse my ignorance.  I didn't mean to slight anyone or any group.  with that being said, allow me to explain how 3D Urologic implantable device/system may benefit you and your patients or clientele. if you happen to deal with SUI -  Severe Urinary Incontinence, the largest unmet medical dilemma facing America today, and 2nd largest [arguably the primary] reason why people enter nursing homes. In addition, SUI is the most unmanageable and disruptive, secondary symptom of many different afflictions that currently cause unnecessary misery and suffering for over 14,500,000 Americans daily. 

Currently, all of the modalities used to treat SUI have failed miserably, in their attempts to overcome the dark, insidious and relentless nature of SUI.  FYI, I am the CEO of 3D Urologic LLC., and also a 47 year SUI sufferer experienced in and fully aware of Medical America's failures to successfully defeat SUI.  it is this accumulated  knowledge that has permitted 3D Urologic to design an implantable device that doesn't treat or alleviate SUI but ELIMINATES  it in all patients, by creating 100% dryness; thus restoring their continence.  Furthermore, to accomplish this daunting feat, 3D Urologic designed its device/system to be applicable to both genders.  We have made it maintainable and repairable without further surgical intervention.  it can be used for all ages [teenage to golden age] and It will restore continence to all patients regardless of what causes their SUI [neurological, physiological or psychological]. To close, again excuse my ignorance.  Also, help us spread the word, it will only take 1 individual, 1 company or 1 group to help get our device/system to the sufferers  who need our help. Thank you.