pelvic reconstruction + POP (Pelvic organ prolapse) specialists

Whether it is the nuances of your normal practice or if it is the patients that you have chosen to help because they are the victims of the well documented ''Mesh Fiascoes'', you may be able to piggyback implanting our device in conjunction with your reconstruction procedure.  It will immediately restore the patients continence and ''kill 2 birds with one stone''. Furthermore, as well as eliminating the patients incontinence, you can also eliminate the patients' ability to achieve POP.  Each of 3D Urologic device/system packaging will contain additional bio-compatible material that you can trim to fit and customize a support system for the bladder.  It will be a firm yet supporting girdle, that will not allow the bladder to fold over on itself or collapse thus eliminating your patients POP; killing 3 birds with one device.