philanthropic foundations

We at 3D Urologic are reaching out to as many of the philanthropic foundations as we can.  We hope to establish a collaborative funding agreement with one of the Foundations we've contacted, so that we can further advance the development of our medical device/system, for the elimination of SUI - Severe Urinary Incontinence. SUI, is currently the largest and most difficult to treat unmet medical need in our country. it affects approximately 14 million daily. SUI is also the 2nd largest reason why people are forced to enter a nursing home.  with the ''Graying of America'', it could easily become the number one reason for admissions. Furthermore, SUI is the most insidious, soul draining and destructive secondary effect of TBI - Traumatic Brain Injuries, SCI - Spinal  Cord Injuries, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Prostrate Cancer, etc. There are some accommodations and treatments for the afore-mentioned list that help mitigate effects but there is no effective treatment modality for their incontinence.  there are millions that suffer and will continue to suffer miserably and needlessly without hope, unless a solution is developed and this is where 3D Urologic steps up to the plate.  We have the solution to end the suffering of millions from SUI.  so, please  support and join us.  on a personal note, I am the CEO of 3D Urologic and I have suffered from SUI for 47 years caused by a TBI / SCI.  I also watched, as Alzheimer's induced SUI slowly and relentlessly destroyed my mother's will to live.  her SUI stole from her the ability to be a Wife, Mother and a Grandmother.

To close, there are 3 reasons why 3D Urologic would prefer to and hopes to obtain project funding from a philanthropic institute like yours. First, as you have read, we have an intimate knowledge of what SUI is and what it does.  that helps establish a common denominator between us and we at 3D Urologic would prefer to work with people who have a functional knowledge of the problem.  this will make completing our mutual goals easier to accomplish.  Second, the very one sided and most often over complicated and potential project killing legal entanglements are greatly reduced working with a foundation versus an Angel investor and a comfortable trust working arrangement usually ensues. Third, and most important, accomplishing the goal of finishing the project and eliminating the suffering of millions is the ultimate goal that drives 3D Urologic; instead of profit and wealth.