Before I begin, please allow me to apologize, for placing all Therapists into one general category but there are just to many different and important types of Therapies for me to list and in my limited knowledge, I didn't wish to slight anyone.  Now, with that being said, 3D Urologic realizes that beside the patient's Doctor, nurses, aides or family members, Therapists are the next group, of Health Professionals exposed to the dark and insidious nature of SUI - (Severe Urinary Incontinence) and It's disruptive capability.  as a 47 year sufferer of SUI, I have lost count of the number of canceled or aborted therapy sessions that I have experienced and we at 3D Urologic acknowledge your frustrations arising from dealing with SUI.  it is this experience and knowledge that has permitted 3D Urologic to develop an implantable device/system that doesn't treat or alleviate SUI but eliminate it completely by providing 100%n dryness. Furthermore, the 3D device/system is applicable to both genders of patients.  it can be used for all ages (teenage to golden age) and it restores complete continence to all SUI suffers, regardless of the reason (neurological, physiological or psychological) causing their SUI.  Imagine finishing your scheduled sessions without having to deal with Foley or Condom catheters, urine bags, urine leakages, wet pads and clothing, odors, embarrassment to your patient, the awkwardness felt by other patients within smelling distance, the immediate effect on your next patient because often their time is curtailed as you help clean up the patient/area.   worst of all, SUI reduces the positive results of your brand of therapy. Our device will provide the needed relief for you and your patients, but we could still use your help. Please spread the word, it only takes 1 individual, 1 company or 1 group to collaborate with us and help get our device/system, to those who will benefit from it. Thank you.