Urologists / Uro-Gynecologists

Currently there is a sizable portion of the incontinence population that doesn't have a suitable modality that can restore continence to the SUI - (Severe Urinary Incontinence) sufferers. (please don't tell me that a catheter is a suitable solution, the catheter is a vulgar, barbaric implement left over from our Egyptian precursors and as a 47 year SUI sufferer, I can tell you the catheter is not a suitable solution). Furthermore, with the ''GRAYING of AMERICA'', the size of our female and under-served population suffering from SUI - [Severe Urinary Incontinence] will grow dramatically. In addition, the Kimberly- Clarke Corporation, has stated in their TV ads, that nearly 66% of women in our country have some level of incontinence. most are slight to moderate but a sizable number have or will have SUI and that is our target market. 

3D Urologic does not advocate using our device for the treatment of lesser grades of incontinence; but with that being said, at any point along or during the incontinence timeline, the patient and his/her doctor could implant our device/system and eliminate their incontinence immediately and completely.  our device is gender neutral in its application and applicable to all ages (teenage to golden age). our device also disregards the type or cause of incontinence that your patient suffer; sUrge, Stress, Mixed etc.  In addition, the causation for the patients incontinence, the physical TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), SCI (Spinal Cord Injury), DCBI (Dismounted Complex Blast Injury, etc), Prostrate Cancer or the neurological (Alzheimer's, Dementia, MS, Parkinson's etc) will not effect our device application or functionality.  Our device can also be cleaned, maintained and repaired without the need for additional surgical procedures.  it's dimensions can also be customized by the surgeon during the procedure to account for the Atypical patient or to accommodate for unforeseen variables.   It is patient and caregiver centric.  it is implanted with one relatively short surgery.  IT is far less expensive than other comparable devices to manufacture. it offers immediate/complete incontinence relief (100% dryness) and most of all, it gives the SUI patient demographic HOPE and it gives you a new population of patients to care for. The ultimate tool is on the horizon.  help us at 3D Urologic get our device/system into your capable hands.